Hi, I'm Benjamin, a free agent.

I build products or start projects where I see opportunities. ​I also leverage the knowledge I gain to consult with other founders, mostly in marketing automation.

I read and write about lifestyle design, systems, decision making, entrepreneurship, technology, society or mental models.

What are you interested in?

I write regularly on Marketing, Freelancing/Entrepreneurship and occasionnaly about Life/Lifestyle Design/Design Making and in my life, they all have some overlapse.

The best way to get introduced to my content and to my life philosophy is to pick one and go from there.

Do you want to improve your marketing, to barbell your way through a freelancing/entrepreneurship career or would you rather learn some of the lessons on my own self-development journey?

Latest articles

2017 Year Review - Thank you !
I went abroad, started my business, found my crew and my environment, put myself first and came back changed. 27 thinghs I learned during a year that change everything for me.