Hi, and welcome! 

I’m Benjamin Spring, a lover of the INTERNET from the french-speaking part of Switzerland.

I consider myself a free agent in a free agent economy.

This website is the aggregator of my thoughts and my online activities. I started a marketing consultancy while launching (and failing) at my own projects.

I like learning about new topics and found a hub of like-minded people on the Internet. These last few years, I discovered that I was a “Jack of all trades”, system thinker and that I like learning about different topics and finding something interesting at the intersection.

Entrepreneurship gives you the chance to actually learn the 80/20 of a lot of different topics and you can directly apply patterns you see somewhere else.

I’ve never been the best at anything but could often deep into a subject, understand some and do something with it.

After travelling/living in latin America (Medellin) for a while, I settled back in Switzerland and am currently living in Zurich.

I write both in english and french (my native language)

My email address is : benjamin (at) benjaminspring.com; You can email me and I will do my best to answer you, but can’t promise anything.

What is blog is all about

I’m a free agent. I want to live a leveraged life which means for me living a life where I leverage my strength to learn more, earn more, have a better lifestyle or have more impact. I think that too many people settle for average, show ZERO curiosity and stopped learning before turning 20.

I decided to go on my own because I have huge problems with authority figures. But this career choice gives me the opportunity to learn valuable skills (marketing, sales) while being paid (consulting and market research), to gain leverage (being paid more, not having my time tied to my income (work in progress, but consulting is well paid), to be creative and express my voice and to have fun doing it.

I believe that the safest choice is to create a barbell for yourself:

  • On one side, consulting in a high-leveraged (read close to the money) discipline and industry (stable, well paid, learning, not scalable)
  • Creating an audience, products, services not around you person… while consulting (less stable but anti-fragile on the long run, scalable).

I also believe in ZERO moderation if there is something urgent that needs to be fixed in your personal life. If you need to lose weight, focus all your efforts on that for 3-12 months, if you suck with the other gender, same, if you have personal problems… The learning/speed curve is on your side!

And once solved, implementing good habits and keeping on doing them while seeing bigger (for me this “entrepreneurship thing).

How did I get there? The longer story

In January of 2012, I was doing an Erasmus in Dortmund, Germany. I had been overweight for as long as I can remember and the constant drinking and eating kebabs at 3am brought me to my highest point. I was really frustrated.

I started googling for solution and I started seeing a pattern around the “Paleo Diet”.

It kinda clicked and I just felt for the first time empowered to actually be my own coach, nutritionist and I knew I had learned a few elements that changed everything.

I was for the first time abroad and I spent quite a lot of time alone. Being alone changed my life for the better.

People had no expectations of who I should be. I could change my personality and try to become someone else.

(I lost 30kg in total since this period)

Reading all I could find on the subject, I stumbled across Tim Ferriss’ “4-Hour Body”. Digging his website further, I found the infamous “4-Hour Workweek”.

My perspective shifted completely.

It’s funny when you feel something in your gut, but you don’t really know what it is and suddenly someone formulate this feeling.

I was just ready and felt completely repelled by the traditional corporate world.

Usually you know you’re into something when something just click, makes sense and feel just right and easy.

Coming back from my year abroad, I was a new guy. I started lifting weights, became obsessed for a while about Lifestyle changes, diet, sport, personal development and so on.

I found my growth mindset.

I evolved drastically for a few years but a few things didn’t click instantly.

I was scared of failing thus didn’t start anything meaningful.

Working as a part time financial accountant, I decided to just leave everything, take one year off with my savings and figure out what I would do in my career.

Second time alone, second period of intense change and growth.

While backpacking through Latin America, I launched my first business, a platform helping local businesses market themselves. But it failed. it was a false good idea.

But everything shifted and here I am, building my own path with a lot of struggles but even more excitement and better I found like-minded people.

I read a lot about subjects I would never think I would be interested in like Chaos theory, non-linearity, decision-making, mental models, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, mindset…

I want to end by saying thank you for reading till the end, I appreciate you!