Benjamin Spring Consulting

Benjamin Spring

I am a Marketing & Automation Consultant for businesses that sell “premium” services and need strategy and someone that thinks differently!

Unlike a traditional or local agency that confuses marketing with advertising and creates more noise than results, I like maths and am a pragmatic guy that wants good and mesurable ROI.

I’m into marketing, automation and funnels because I had to solve my own business issues. I am an entrepreneur and the web and my projects are my laboratory. I’m forced to think like the owner that I am and think with a big picture. My clients talk to me as a fellow business owner.

I started on my own because I believe and just love the freedom that brings small business ownership. It’ chalenging but so empowering to create, ship, test and crete value in this world. I just love talking to a business owner about the what, how and why of a business.

The internet, the technology and automation give the chance to the small business and the solopreneur to have impact and create great businesses. You guys all rock!


My principles

  1. I don’t create or work for businesses that have a negative impact on society (cigarettes, big automotive, oil, …). I might not chaneg or save the world, but 0 need to make it worse.
  2. I work with companies that trust me and will give me details and specifics so that I can help them at the highest level.
  3. I don’t get micro-managed and no, I will not be available 24/7.
  4. I am a marketing consultant. As such, I approach my work with this problem-solving mindset.

Ultimate, I’m building a high-leveraged lifestyle business that let’s me live a good and interesting life.

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