B2B Growth Marketing Consultations

I can help your B2B startup develop its pipeline and revenue engine with focused marketing consultation.

I’ve recently started to offer B2B marketing consultations. Benefit from my experience and from an outsider's perspective. Here are a few things I can help you with:

Go-to-market strategy

  • ICP analysis
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Modern B2B buyer journey

Demand framework

  • Demand generation and demand capture
  • Operationalization of content creation and distribution
  • Search vs Social, Paid vs Organic?

Creative untapped potential & other questions

  • Leverage dormant CRM data
  • Automation & no-code opportunities
  • Programmatic SEO: Automated SEO content with your software data
  • How to setup and leverage Hubspot


B2B Growth Hour
You’ll tell me about your business via an intake questionnaire and we’ll get on a creative brainstorming call, exchange ideas, and I’ll share everything I’d do in your position. You’ll also receive a recording of the call and a one-pager action plan.
CHF 300

Who am I and what makes me qualified?

I’m Benjamin Spring, I run digital marketing at a Swiss B2B fintech, GenTwo.
Over the last few years, with the help of my colleagues, I took a leading role in our go-to-market strategy, helping generate sustainable growth.
I developed a strong B2B marketing skillset, complementing business acumen, creativity and the opportunistic use of tools, code and new channels.

Why am I offering this?

  1. These are fun projects and problems to solve and I believe I can bring value.
  1. I get to learn about new businesses and meet interesting marketers and entrepreneurs.
  1. I’m an entrepreneur at heart but am currently employed. I’m staying agile and creative, testing the market with offers and hedging my current bets.

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