Sell more with email marketing and automation

I help B2B SMBs to leverage the most effective marketing channel which is email marketing amplified with smart automation and personalization.

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Does this sound like you?

You know the value of email marketing but you're stuck.

You don't have the time, don't have the in-house expertise or are feeling overwhelmed.

Here are some symptoms it's time to bring in some outside help:

  • You aren't getting on sales calls with the right prospects
  • Email marketing & automation seem like a non-realised wish
  • You're stuck creating new content and sending newsletters over and over
  • Your sales team is frustrated with marketing

You need an automated sales funnel:

  1. You need to have a compelling reason for visitors to become subscribers.
  2. You need to educate your subscribers about why they absolutely need the service you provide.
  3. You need to make sure you’re getting them to engage with the educational content you’re sending.
  4. You want to find ways to learn as much as you can about your subscribers and their needs.
  5. You need to get subscribers to jump on the phone and become a client.
  6. And you need for this all to happen 24/7/365 so you can focus on what you do best: creating great services, supporting your customers, and generating more leads

I can save you months of work, years of lessons learned the hard way, and thousands of dollars in wasted marketing dollars.

I know the best practice and have a clear framework of how to build an effective B2B marketing and sales engine.

You invested in a powerful suite of tools and an effective marketing philosophy, let's build you a sustainable growth engine.

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I'm here to help you solve your problems and give you valuable advices regardless if we end up working together or not.

Schedule a call let us both discover if we're a good fit.

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