Will you automate your CLIENT service business in 2019?

Can you relate to that?

  • Your clients are happy with what you/your company do but you rely only on referrals, offline networking and have to accept any kind of work.

  • You lose a lot of time on unbillable tasks.

  • You lack predictability in your business

  • Your website and digital marketing don't bring enough (any) results

  • You lose time on proposals (1/3 not being accepted) and on meeting and answering multiple times the leads before getting paid anything

  • You miss deals because you don’t follow up consistently enough

  • You know that you should leverage the internet, software, email marketing and automation but don't know how to start.

Now what would happen if:

  • Leads were coming to you with predictability and wanted to work with you, even waiting till you have availability

  • The majority of your hours were spent on value added tasks (for your clients) and billable at a good rate

  • You could benefit from the referrals of 100's of people that trust you and can recommend you.

  • No more back and forth between you and the leads, just a clear and simple process

  • More sales, more clients, bigger audience and more time?

It's time to gain leverage

It might seem to good to be true. Truth is, it's not easy but it can be simple. I love to focus on the 20% that brings 80% of the results and on assets and systems that built once will work for us and multiply our effort.

The intersections of these 3 themes will show you the way:

1. An online sales funnel

A sales or marketing funnel is mandatory in your business. It is a set of pages, emails, ads, content that will lead a visitor of your website through a series of steps towards a buying decision. 

It will educate, and automatically create a relationship between your company and the leads, at their own pace. No leads are left behind and it works automatically on an evergreen manner. You will only act to answer some questions and close the business on the phone (knowing that the bad leads will have been filtered out already). It is different than a normal website in the sense that it uses key elements to move the visitor down the funnel like email capture, landing pages, email sequences and automation and smart copywriting.

2. Marketing Automation

Besides the sales funnel (the big part) that has the goal to increase your leads, you can automate other part of your business and gain leverage. You could:

  • Qualify your leads with a questionnaire before the calls (and not setup any call before the answer all the questions with automatic reminders)

  • Organize a meeting with them selecting a time in your agenda without the annoying back and forth

  • Onboarding new clients with an email sequence and your best practices

  • Soliciting referrals a few weeks after a successful project

  • Asking for testimonials

  • Upselling or cross selling your past clients

  • Create an automatic follow up for your offline activities

  • Creating an evergreen newsletter that educates and follow ups forver for you

3. Productisation

Another system to help you gain leverage is to productize, systemize and simplify your service offerings. Create a ladder of service offerings and slicing up to make the buying decision easier (starting with an audit, a roadmapping session).

​The big picture

We will create:

  • An automated evergreen sales funnel that will bring the visitors and lead them towards a buying decision, automatically educating them about your company, your solution and their problem

  • Marketing automation on the back-end that will leverage your past leads to get more business, more referrals and more predictability

  • Simplify your offer/front-end offer and slicing up your services to make the buying decision easier and make the first buy like a no-brainer.

  • Creating a marketing plan to bring traffic through Content Marketing, PPC and your offline activities.

And for you

  • Set it and (almost) forget it. The system will work for you tomorrow, in 6 months, ... no matter how many visitors enter the system.

  • You will look much more professional. A systematic, always on time conversation with your leads and customers.

  • Even when a lead won't buy, you will build an audience of people paying you with their attention and potentially buying later or source of referrals. (instead of the only past clients, you will over time have 100's of potential referral sources).

  • No leads will be left behind. Some might be read today, some others in 18 months, it won't matter to you as the system will follow everyone at its own pace.

  • You'll duplicate the best version of yourself and work automatically and without effort @scale

It’s not just about Lead generation and it’s not just marketing automation… You’ll improve 4 key components of your client service business:

  1. Lead Generation

  2. Follow up and Lead Conversions

  3. New client onboarding

  4. Service fulfillment

Introducing "THE SYSTEM"

It’s a proven process that systematizes the way you generate leads, follow up with them, convert them, onboard them as new clients and deliver the service.

1. FREE DEMO & Consultation

Request a on-demand-only video demonstration of "THE SYSTEM" and if interested, apply for a free consultation

2. Recommandations and Onboarding

Based on the questionnaire and our consultation, we'll see if we're a good fit and advise you on the right programm to chose

3. Launch your own SYSTEM

We'll launch your system either in a DFY model or more towards DWY or DIY. It depends on the plan that is right for you.


Which tools and websites do you use and support?

For Landing pages/funnels we use Wordpresss + Thrive or Leadpages, for email marketing Activecampaign or Convertkit. 

Do you provide maintenance and ongoing coaching?

Yes. You'll be offered a way to keep working with us either through grouped coaching/mastermind or a more 1 on 1 approach depending on your needs.

What is included?

Marketing Automation + Sales Funnel, PPC Implementation, A framework and guides for effective content marketing, guides on how to use the tools, guides on how to structure your offerings and much more

What is "THE SYSTEM"

It is a consulting programm that helps you build a marketing and sales system. It consists of a sales funnel, marketing automation, traffic guides, groupes or individual coaching and implementing depending on your plan (DWY, DFY, DIY).

Can you define the difference between the options DFY, DWY, DIY?

Our main offer is the DWY. It's a 12 weeks program that empowers you and builds you an asset and a selling system at the same time you get educated on how to use it. In case it doesn't fit your needs or budget, we offer a custom DFY option or a course + ready to plug templates.

What are the next steps?

Well, I would recommend you watch the on-demand video demonstration to get to know the system better. The, just apply for a free consultation. You'll receive a questionnaire to prepare both ourselves and during the call we'll see if we are a good fit and if yes, which option is the best for your current needs.

Why this huge focus on DWY?

As a independent or small business owner, if you outsource everything you'll probably can't afford a content creator, an ads manager and it'll eat up all your advertising budget. We want you to end this program with a huge asset and the knowledge, templates and frameworks to get it running.

Who are these programs best suited for?

Professional service providers such as consultants, freelancers, coaches, agencies and other digital service providers. You need to sell high tickets services (over $2'000 / client or per year). If you're a bigger team, the DFY consulting offer might be what you need.

​About Benjamin Spring

Hi, I'm Benjamin Spring. I'm a marketing automation consultant. I'm a big system thinker and decided to use my mixed skillset (I've worked in accounting in a previous career) to help the people and businesses around me to gain leverage by building marketing and sales systems.

The unused assets and opportunities and the businesses that have such simple low hanging fruits to grab keep me up at night. There are quite simple things (not easy though) you can build once and leverage forever that I see so many opportunities for most of the service providers around me. Wanna know more?

Now is the time

If you wait 6 more months, you will regrets not having built a system to leverage yourself earlier. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but you will not regret it!

There is 0 risk, 0 obligation. If you apply, we'll have a consultation call and see if I can help you achieve your goals.

You can also do it on your own

Not quite sure about automation and sales funnels? Does it seem too good to be true?

Can I try to change your mind?

I've built a free email course that outlines the principles of what I'm building for my clients. You'll learn about my ideas and I'll show you how I build automated engine that do the high touch selling for you.


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