A question you wanna ask, an idea for partnership, an inquiry for an interview or simply want to chat? (I love talking with like-minded people)

Work with me

I offer consulting, coaching and advising services and work in both english and/or french. You can find more details here.


I’d be really happy to join you on your podcast or to be interviewed on your blog or by medias.

Drop me an email : benjamin (at)


Wanna work together on a project, have a similar audience and you think we could work together?

Drop me an email : benjamin (at)

Speaking or Workshops

I’m open to give a talk if you think the crowd is right for me. I also give workshops for example to small teams, coworking, meetups, …

Drop me an email : benjamin (at)

Something else or just wanna chat?

Drop me an email : benjamin (at)

You can also leave me a voicemail here: +41 32 552 02 31