How to create the ultimate sales funnel for your consulting business

A sales funnel is the holy grail to sell your services online. In this guide, you’ll learn all the steps needed to create your own sales funnel.

How to craft a positioning statement for your service business

A XYZ positioning statement is one of the simplest and most effective marketing strategy if you want to leverage referrals and the web in your business.

How to create an effective lead magnet for your service business?

A Lead Magnet lets you attract leads, educate them and pitch them at scale automatically. It’s the best help to sell your services.

How to build a Value Ladder for your Service Business?

A Value Ladder will help you to build trust with your prospective clients and make it easier to sell your services.

What are the top 3 things to automate in your freelance business?

I laid out 3 automations you can set up today and get them working for you “forever”. Save time, sell more effectively and gain leverage.

2018 Year Review and 2019 Goals

Last year, I wrote an interesting year review and was really inspired. Yet, I just don’t find my words this year. I just ended my first year consulting. I’m in a good place as I found a handful of good clients by the end of the year. I finally have some kind of stability. And …

2018 Year Review and 2019 Goals Read more

The system for creating an interesting and antifragile career for yourself

My goal is to create some leverage in my life. I tried to design a system with worst case scenario being a well paid consultant.

An other consulting leads pipeline

What I learned my first 12 months freelancing

2017 Year Review - Thank you !

I went abroad, started my business, found my crew and my environment, put myself first and came back changed. 27 thinghs I learned during a year that change everything for me.

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