Helping B2B technical companies double the output of their marketing 

Hello, I'm Benjamin Spring. I am a marketing automation consultant from Switzerland. I work and speak both English and French and I help high growth technical companies to get results from their marketing efforts.

I built a FREE email course that shows you how to build an automated and evergreen B2B customer acquisition system for SME's. It's the exact framework I follow with my clients.

Benjamin Spring Digital Marketing Consultant living in Zurich, Switzerland.


I start or have started a handful of projects. I believe the best way to serve my clients is to be an entrepreneur myself and to have some skin in the game.

You can have an overview of these projects here.

Curated Resources

The Internet is a beautiful place where amazing and generous people share their best stuff. I try to gather the best of what other people have already figured out in this curated database.

You can have access to my curated resources here.


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