Welcome to my website

I want to start by thanking you for coming. I'm Benjamin, a swiss multi-passionate marketing consultant/entrepreneur/life enthusiast.

I write about my journey and my choices, what I learn hoping I can help others improve their business and lives.

My focus is to be as transparent as possible and to give actionnable information. I enjoy teaching what works or not wo for me (sometimes learned the hard way).

I guarantee not to fake expertise or propose what I consider pyramid scheme.

This page is for people who are new to my website and that want to get to get to the essentials.

I hope  you'll enjoy!

I'm all about becoming a better version of myself , living a creative and courageous life, helping others and making money while doing the right thing.

Doing the right thing

Never compromise values, live a life of service, help if it doesn't cost you anything and just create more values for the world than you took.


It starts with me. Mindset is everything and choosing courage over comfort is a big step in living a meaningful and impactful life.


I believe in creating more leverage in my life. Being public, creating more than I consume, learning new skills, bulding habits and systems...


You can play not to lose or play to win. You can dive deep and sprint or you can try to cut corners. Aggression makes you win or lose faster, both are a blessing.

The essentials

If you're interested in what I am up to, I would check these:

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