A Good Freelancing Business

Ok, so you're ready for the Gig Economy and you take charge of your future. Now I have good news and bad news for you. 

The technical side of freelancing is  not enough to be a well-paid and happy freelancer. You need to understand the dynamics behind the business.

The good news is, once you do the upside can be really big and the job more fun.

I'm stupidly stubborn and as I was really struggling to make my freelancing business work (and at a time any reasonable person would have gotten at least a part time job), I made my quest to understand how the freelancing business worked.

The truth is...

I started freelancing accidentally. When my first venture failed, I had to go find a job (no way) or find a way to make a living. 

The thing is... I had 0 experience in the field I wanted to freelance (I used to work in accounting), 0 ex-boss that could outsource some work, 0 past clients or portfolio.

It was hard and maybe not the smartest choice. But it also made me learn the ropes of the business and a lot about marketing and how to gain leverage as a freelancer.

I believe freelancing is a wonderful real world accelerated MBA.

  1. You can get paid to learn
  2. You can get well-paid and craft your own curriculum and career in an uncertain world
  3. You get paid to do market research
  4. You can finance your other projects or your travels

I try to share weekly what I've learned and keep learning about freelancing, crafting your own career or marketing a business (through my client's journey or my own).

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I hope you will find my experiences useful and welcome to a new world.

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