Benjamin's recommended online marketing tools

I love tech and here I selected and curated a list of the tools I use for my business or for my clients. I try to give recommendations for best use case (client, vs solopreneur, agency) and best stack (tools that work well together). The majority integrate between them directly or with the help of Zapier to automate and streamline the workflows.

Full disclosure, assume that all the links are affiliate links. It means that I might earn a commission if you purchase through them. It comes at no cost to you as you pay the same price. I've used all these tools for my business or for my client's businesses.


WPX Hosting

Hosting your website / Best for Solopreneur, Business

Great managed WordPress hosting. It is fast and can scale with you as you grow. It comes with free SSL and has a great support. Don't go with the cheapest solution and treat your brand and your business seriously.


Hosting your website / Best for online entrepreneurs - Agencies/Freelancers

Systems, SOPs and efficiencies all matter a lot. Flywheel managed to bring them to the hosting business. They offer a great managed WordPress hosting with the possibility to create templates and blueprints and invoice your clients from the board. For ambitious freelancers and agencies, it can be a game changer.

Astra Pro

WordPress Theme

Astra Pro is a lightweight and super fast WordPress theme. It adapts perfectly with page builders like Thrive Architect and is fully customizable. It comes with Agency licenses which makes it a no-brainer.

Thrive Architect

WordPress Design/Lead Generation

Best lead generation and conversion focused WordPress suite on the market. The value in the membership package is astonishing. Page Builder, Lead Generation, A/B testing, membership site + probably the best educational website and community you can imagine. 

Landing Pages & Funnels

Thrive Architect & Thrive Leads

Design/Lead Generation/Funnels for WordPress

Best lead generation and conversion focused WordPress suite on the market. The value in the membership package is astonishing. Page Builder, Lead Generation, A/B testing, membership site + probably the best educational website and community you can imagine. 


Landing Pages and Funnels

Follow proven formulas and build drag and drop and in a few clicks every type of funnel you can imagine and test them in a few hours.


Landing Pages

The easiest way to build landing pages, popup, sales pages, thank you pages...

Email Marketing & Automation


Works best with Thrive and Clickfunnels

Automate your onboarding, conversion, follow up and increase engagement and conversions while regaining time. It's amazing.


Works best with Leadpages

Really close to ActiveCampaign, it offers mostly the same things. I really like the goal for the automations that you can set which makes it great + an automation and personalization Wizard (Brennan Dunn) convinces me to play with it.

Essential Automation Tools


Automation and workflows between apps - Mandatory

Zapier is just amazing. It's the swiss-army knife of digital marketing. You can glue all you apps together and create amazing workflows that improve your business and your scalability. Absolutely mandatory!


Automation and workflows between apps - Mandatory

If this then that. It's similar to a basic version of Zapier and really useful to automate a handful of tasks like Instagram to Tweet, save all the email with the word receipt to a spreadsheet row...


Apointment scheduling

Amazing little tool for scheduling appointments. No more back and forth, you set your availabilities and give your link and the people chose a tima and day, get reminded and it synced with your agenda.


Social media autoation: scheduling and posting

For solopreneur and business, social media is a time suck. It needs to be automated so we can focus on more important tasks. Buffer makes it easy.


CRM and sales management

Services and consulting have a high touch and eventually long sales cycle. Pipedrive manages the pipeline and the sales process kanban style.


Forms builder for WordPress

Create and manage and share online forms on WordPress. Collect data and automate your workflows. It's a great tool.


Forms builder

Create and manage and share online forms. Collect data and automate your workflows. It integrates well with WordPress

Productivity Stack

Google Apps

Email, file management, backup

Backups of all my files, sharing all the SOPs, specifications, planifications with team members, a gmail adress that you own, google agenda which integrates with everything... Just get it.


Notes & Ideas

Taking notes when you attend a conference, read a book, listen to a podcast or are at the gym. It synchronizes between all your devices and then it is easy to process them. I use it daily.


Tasks & Project Management

Trello is an amazing project or task management tool. It is kanban style. It is really useful as a solopreneur but when you start to collaborate, it really shines.


Client portal/ great for freelancers and consultant

Automate and duplicate your onboarding process, centralize all your deliverables and explain to your clients how you work.



A todolist with projects and deadlines that is synced with your calendar. Never forget anything, create a 2batch folder and process them.


Screen recorder and share

Love this tool. It's a easy and free screen recorder that makes it dead-simple to record your screen and share it or use it for your content. Really great for tutorials, client demos and so on.

AI generated transcription

AI generated transcription. I use it to create content or to transcribe podcasts or interviews. Crazy fast, surprisingly good and the interface is sleek.


Easy online graphic design

Online graphic design tool that come with a lot of pre-made template. Ideal for non-designer like me. I create my brochures, my facebook ads designs, my lead magnets.

Comments and stacks

The choice is yours. Here are my recommendations (I give a comment about the email marketing software below):

  1. If I were boostrapping a business or planned to create a lot of content like on this website, I would go full WordPress with Astra Pro + Thrive Membership + WPForms.
  2. I use Clickfunnels when I want to create something fast and accept payments and I create a whole funnel.
  3. I use Leadpages if I create Landing pages for my consulting clients.

Now what about email marketing tool?

If you chose LeadPages, go with Drip. LP acquired them and the integrations is non-comparable. The learning curve is a bit seep, but it's really powerful.

If you chose Clickfunnels, go with ActiveCampaign, it works smoothely.

If you go the Thrive Membership road, I would advise you to go with ActiveCampaign as it's faster to put in place, easier to understand and you can automate everything in a few hours.

I chose Drip on this website because I manage multiple audiences and am geeking out on personnalization and Drip seems more suited for this. It is harder to grasp and if you don't have time or the envy to geek out, go with ActiveCampaign which is just as powerful.