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I'm the creator and consultant behind Your Automated System and I start different projects to build assets, learn new things or test concepts.

Ths website is the hub where I explore, share and teach what I learn about starting or growing a business, marketing, psychology, self-education, building a career, health, finance or simply self-improvement.

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Building leverage (Manifesto)

Benjamin Spring, 27.11.2018

I believe in building more leverage. I am not talking about finance, but assets that can enhance our lives as individuals, creators, entrepreneurs, people.

I believe in doing things that have asymmetric opportunities. I'm talking about actions that have an upside way bigger than downside and the potential cost/reward ratio is high. These actions are not easy but fundamentally simple. And once done, they work for ourselves.

Too many people don’t do the right thing. They hide their knowledge, they don’t raise their hand when they disagree or have an idea.

Too many people don’t start their project. Too many people don’t change. We stop learning when we reach 20 years old and we externalize our joy through TV, fanboyism voyeurism... We're afraid to fail and lack courage.

Too many businesses average out instead of being edgy. Nobody is interested in formal anymore, we want to talk to another human being.... They don’t see the opportunity that the web and technology give them to help @scale with 0 marginal costs and to do meaningful work.

There are so many asymmetric opportunities in our lives and I strongly believe we should take more of them!

Personal leverage:

  • Stacking on good habits
  • Learning new skills
  • Being authentic and vulnerable
  • Deciding to live with courage
  • Being curious

Professional leverage:

  • Going in an environment with like-minded people
  • Starting a side-project
  • Working in public (this blog which is my only CV)
  • Raising your hand, giving your ideas

Business leverage:

  • Creating assets like blog posts, videos that help your potential clients 24/7
  • Creating Systems, checklists, SOP's
  • Building an audience, educating your leads and putting referrals on steroids automatically
  • Using marketing automation to sell more, save time and increase client's LTV

On this website I share my own version of leverage in my personal life and career choices.

My consulting and coaching services give obviously leverage to my clients. I believe marketing automation is the best investment for any working business today.

I strongly believe that small teams and individuals can do great things and marketing and technology can enhance their magic.

I’m glad you stopped by. Look at my blog, check out my projects or my free stuff.

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Oh, and another form of leverage, saying a genuine thank you. 

So welcome and thank you so much for reading this, it truly mean a lot to me.

Benjamin Spring, life enthusiast